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Ozone Therapy 

Ozone Therapy is used for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory treatments.

Ozone Therapy 

This is a treatment originally created by Nikola Tesla, using hyper-oxygen created by special medical equipment using a pure oxygen source. Ozone Therapy is used to treat localized inflammation (swelling), systemic inflammation (the whole body being inflamed).


Treatments can be localized in an area, (ie. knee, hip, neck, shoulder, etc), or for the whole body using the blood to carry the anti-inflammatory benefits throughout the body's system. This treatment has been used as an adjunct (add on) treatment for many diseases that are poorly treated without it. Research has shown that patients going through chemotherapy experience less nausea and an improved quality of life while utilizing ozone Therapy during their traditional treatments. Patients with multiple sclerosis have been shown to have decreased relapsing episodes. Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis have also been shown to have less flare ups while using ozone. I do not encourage patients to use this treatment exclusively, but it can provide extra benefits to issues that are poorly controlled for many people when combined with other therapies.


Ozone Therapy is helpful for those with limited time. An example is someone planning a trip who cannot wait 12 weeks for PRP. If an Achilles tendon, knee arthritis, or even shin splints flare up and require quick pain relief, ozone is one of the best treatments. Cortisone and other steroids are frequently used to treat the aforementioned problems. Unfortunately, there is greater side effects and risks with this treatment. Steroids can weaken and damage healthy tissue, especially if utilized repeatedly in the same area. This decreases the immune system's ability to fight infections. Overall, ozone is a safer and better treatment. 

We offer Regenerative services for individuals suffering from: knee pain, shoulder pain, TMJ pain, back pain, neck pain and more. At St. George Health and Wellness, we are your road back to health.

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