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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

For patients thinking of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy or BHRT they will often wonder who to see for this care. Many physicians and mid level practitioners provide this treatment but motivation for providing the care can be very different. Family practice frequently provides this care to treat chronic fatigue or extremely low hormone levels. Many other specialty clinics use this treatment to assist with weight loss. Some sadly utilize it only for potential profit with little knowledge of its true benefits and limited discussion of risks.

I didn’t train in this field for most of those reasons though they all can be accurate and beneficial. I started learning about hormone replacement because of individuals who were not healing well with treatments. They frequently had other symptoms of fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, poor recovery after exercise, mood disorders and general feeling of poor health. I came across multiple research articles discussing the thyroid hormone and its effect on tendon and the cells that grow tendon (stem cells of tendon) called Tenocytes. If thyroid hormone was low these cells go into apoptosis (cell death). More research and I became convinced that hormone levels were essential for our bodies capacity to heal. I determined that these patients needed their levels of thyroid and likely other hormones elevated to improve their healing capacity.

Sending these patients to family practice and endocrinologists frequently led to no help as the levels of hormones were tested and found to be within normal limits. I have become convinced that normal limits don’t provide a accurate example of what every person needs at all times. I feel that the idea that hormones need to be used forever also a little deceptive. Building up levels for a 6 months allowing the body to heal injury more effectively, loose weight, improve exercise tolerance may be enough to then decrease the replacements use. If symptoms begin to return then treatment can be continued. But if the symptoms do not return and energy level is appropriate for exercise then hormone replacement can be stopped.

Using hormone replacement to provide improved healing and energy allowing exercise to have more impact on our life could be enough to give lasting relief. This is not always the case of coarse we are all unique but many will find that improving hormones makes many chronic problems resolve. I recommend a simple lab work up and then replacement for symptom relief and minimal lab level balancing. While this is happening treatments to stimulate healing in a damaged area can have a more powerful response, weight can be more easily controlled, and exercise can be accomplished with more benefits.

BHRT is a powerful treatment allowing for our entire body system to benefit. Consider your current health and nutrition I feel that this can be a powerful addition to the health care of those who need it.

At The St. George Health and Wellness Group, we have the solutions to your dis-ease. Our regenerative physician, can properly evaluate and suggest treatments other than addictive drugs and surgery. Knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, Auto Accident, sports injury, we are your Rode Back to Health.

At the Road Back to Health clinic our Doctors will work with you to find the root cause of your pain and treat it in a way to provide long term relief not just a short term fix for the problem.

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