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Why you should Consider Regenerative Medicine today

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

We offer Regenerative services for individuals suffering from: knee pain, shoulder pain, TMJ pain, back pain, neck pain and more. At St. George Health and Wellness, we are your Rode Back to Health.

Regenerative medicine has continued to grow and improve over the last several decades. Ideas were once thought to be "crazy," have since turned into some of the most effective treatments for improving joint pain and injury as a non-surgical alternative. Dr. Rodeback has learned regenerative medicine from many of the medical pioneers in the field. and enjoys the benefit of knowing what has worked and what has not, over the last few decades. The evidence supports this form of treatment as being beneficial and an excellent alternative to surgery or other more invasive procedures.

Sometimes a weakness in one part of the body can cause pain or injury to another part of the body with the increased stress. Weakness may be treated with simple strengthening; but many times ligament injury, muscle tear or joint instability can make it impossible to strengthen a weakened muscle or movement pattern. We use a bio-mechanical evaluation that tests the movements that cause pain to better determine the source of the problem. Our ultrasound and a detailed bio-mechanical evaluation is the best tool for isolating the dysfunction in the body so that we can create a plan to fix it.

At The St. George Health and Wellness Group, we have the solutions to your dis-ease. Our regenerative physician, can properly evaluate and suggest treatments other than addictive drugs and surgery. Knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, Auto Accident, sports injury, we are your Rode Back to Health.

At the Road Back to Health clinic our Doctors will work with you to find the root cause of your pain and treat it in a way to provide long term relief not just a short term fix for the problem.

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