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Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis is the end result of a broken system of movement. When you have knee pain and arthritis is found don’t be mistaken into thinking that it just happens to everyone and there is nothing that you can do to help or prevent this from happening or getting worse. There is great research with Level 1 Class A evidence in medicine for treatment of arthritis that will help stop the degenerative progress of the disease. So how does arthritis start? It is not magical or just bad luck that makes arthritis start it is the way we move. Many people find out they arthritis once they start having knee pain that has been there for year before they even noticed. This is because arthritis is a condition of improper pressure or tension through the joint. If a weak muscle makes it hard for your leg to rotate or bend in certain way you may not even notice it. Your body is very good at compensating naturally for the injury. You still get up and walk and play and do things every day without even noticing. While you are doing this the joint has pressure or tension that is not normal and will slowly be wearing down the cartilage in the one part of the joint more than another.

Treating arthritis is about stopping the joint degeneration with treatments that block the repetitive inflammation and breakdown of the cartilage but more importantly it is finding the reason that the movement of the body allowed the pressure or tension to be unbalanced and fixing it. Knee arthritis can be painful and treating the inflammation and ligament injury will frequently make if feel better regardless of what else can be done. If we want to stop the arthritis from progressing long term though the only way to do this is to change the way our body moves so that the joint is protected and balanced. Treatments such as platelet rich plasma (PRP), Prolotherapy, Ozone Therapy, and even autologous stem cell procedures are very beneficial for the knee to help stop the degeneration of the joint but remember that won’t be enough to make it more permanent we need to find out how the arthritis started and fix the root cause.

At The St. George Health and Wellness Group, we have the solutions to your dis-ease. Our regenerative physician, can properly evaluate and suggest treatments other than addictive drugs and surgery. Knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, Auto Accident, sports injury, we are your Rode Back to Health.

At the Road Back to Health clinic our Doctors will work with you to find the root cause of your pain and treat it in a way to provide long term relief not just a short term fix for the problem.

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