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Knee Pain

For patients with knee pain, it's no mystery how vital this structure is for everyday life. The more we move the more it will remind us it is there. The more weight we gain from not moving, the stress the knee is put under usually leading again to more pain. Frequently the pain is also associated with knee swelling, this is not always the case but frequently is seen together. For those with knee pain the most important part of treatment is diagnosis. To often knee pain is whole attributed to the immediate presenting pain and not what often is a collection of issues including the initial insult. Knee pain from trauma is usually understood and can be treated more directly but progressive knee pain that started and either keeps getting worse or is on and off again (intermittent) is more difficult to treat because it isn’t always just a problem in the knee.

Diagnosing knee pain required exam of the hip/pelvis, low back and foot and ankle. If there is a cause of the knee pain in the pelvis treating the knee just won’t resolve the problem. If there is a problem in the foot and ankle treating the knee just won’t fix the long-term knee pain. The pain will continue to come back until the biomechanics (movement of body as a unit) are fixed. I find very frequently that those with chronic progressive arthritis, synovitis, effusion, MCL injury and or tendinitis don’t get this simply from walking. The regular walking in our life is good for the knees and needs to be maintained with other exercise to keep the knees healthy. The reason the knee becomes injured is that there is a break in the system of how the knee has pressure during motions. If the pressure is not balanced it will lead to injury. But fixing the movement is the important thing, not just injury that results.

At The St. George Health and Wellness Group, we have the solutions to your dis-ease. Our regenerative physician, can properly evaluate and suggest treatments other than addictive drugs and surgery. Knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, Auto Accident, sports injury, we are your Rode Back to Health.

At the Road Back to Health clinic our Doctors will work with you to find the root cause of your pain and treat it in a way to provide long term relief not just a short term fix for the problem.

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