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Shoulder pain

The shoulder is a very complex region of the body with multiple tension structures needed to keep its motion balanced and functional. If a muscle or fascia (connective tissue) attachment is injured frequently the shoulder blade will be unable to sit or move like it is suppose to. The rotator cuff of the shoulder will then suffer and motion is limited. Injury to the rotator cuff is possible without the shoulder blade involvement but this is rare. Treating shoulder pain must start with extensive muscle exam and then an ultrasound to find tissue injury. Once the injury causing instability in the shoulder is found then treatment can be provided both with physical therapy and possible injection treatments. If the motion is balanced and strength is returned this is the most permanent solution for the most shoulder pain.

Nerve injury can also cause shoulder pain. This frequently happens in the neck with radiation down to the shoulder and careful evaluation can determine which it is. Nerve injury is less common but can be significant and debilitating. Treatments however are often very effective once the correct nerve compression is found.

At The St. George Health and Wellness Group, we have the solutions to your dis-ease. Our regenerative physician, can properly evaluate and suggest treatments other than addictive drugs and surgery. Knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, Auto Accident, sports injury, we are your Rode Back to Health.

At the Road Back to Health clinic our Doctors will work with you to find the root cause of your pain and treat it in a way to provide long term relief not just a short term fix for the problem.

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