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Used for healing injured tissue, tendon, ligament, muscle and fascia injuries.

Prolotherapy is the "Great Grandfather" of all other regenerative injection therapies. It uses a very concentrated sugar called dextrose that is placed into the injured tissue. The dextrose forces the body to dilute the sugar thereby causing signals from the local cells to awaken a new healing response. The affect only lasts a week or two, usually prolotherapy will need to be repeated every 2-4 weeks for a total 3 to 5 treatments. Many patients fully recover using prolotherapy. We recommend 3-5 treatments initially, if after the 3rd session the benefit is still not at least 50% better, PRP treatments may be used which are more powerful and work great with the prolotherapy.


The dextrose in prolotherapy also blocks substance p, an inflammatory signal between nerves. With prolotherapy, a lower concentration of dextrose can be used to treat a nerve and a higher concentration can be used to treat a tendon, ligament, or cartilage.


Prior to ultrasound, physicians had to rely on palpation (touch) to determine where to put place the treatment. At St George Health and Wellness, ultrasound is used to specifically place the prolotherapy in the damaged tissue. Ultrasound makes the treatment less aggressive and more precise.


Prolotherapy works for many conditions and is usually added to other treatments such as PRP or ozone because it can stimulate healing in a unique way.


We offer Regenerative services for individuals suffering from: knee pain, shoulder pain, TMJ pain, back pain, neck pain and more. At St. George Health and Wellness, we are your road back to health.

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