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Bioidenticle Hormone Replacement 

Bioidenticle Hormone Replacement is used for the replenishing and balancing of hormones throughout the body. Regain lost energy, improve and build muscle mass, restore lost hair, weight management and more. 

Parents with Child

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy has been very important to our patients in the past. When certain hormone levels are not optimal, it becomes very difficult to heal injured tissue. Chronic pain is rarely "in our head". It is often an injury that our body can't recover from.  A potential cause is something called sub-clinical hormone deficiencies. Once Physical Therapy and treatments like PRP and Prolotherapy are used, the damage can finally recover. After the tissue has been healed, some patients prefer to continue with hormone replacement to maximize weight loss and energy levels.

The primary hormone that has been found to affect the tendons in both men and women is Thyroid. Many people having traditional thyroid replacement do not benefit as much as those treated with bio-identical hormones. We are able to evaluate the patient to determine if this treatment is appropriate.


Testosterone is also important for healing and weight management. Other hormones such as DHEA, Progesterone, Estrogen, and Pregnenolone is also considered during treatments but have been slightly less important for tissue healing.


We offer Regenerative services for individuals suffering from: knee pain, shoulder pain, TMJ pain, back pain, neck pain and more. At St. George Health and wellness, we are your pathway to healing and health.

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